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Gobo engraving

Discover our range of gobos for our projectors. We only do laser engraving on glass gobo, the best quality for HD projection.
The gobo is like a "slide" which is the support for your visual / logo / sign / pictogram. It is engraved on a technical glass with a high precision laser. It is available in black and white engraving (for white projection) and up to four colors.

> What can be engraved and therefore projected?
Everything is possible (logo, text, photo, pictogram, arrow, etc.), keeping in mind that the visual should be as simple as possible and the least loaded for quality projection and optimal impact with the public. Please take into account that certain texts or elements that are too small cannot be 100% visible. In case of logos or complex visuals contact us upstream.

> File to provide:
For a quality engraving, provide us with a .eps or .pdf vector file produced in Illustrator (fonts and vector elements). If you do not have this kind of file contact us in advance.

> Installation and compatibility of gobos:
We install gobos for free in the projectors ordered from us. We guarantee the quality of our gobos only for use in our projectors.

> How to handle the gobos (in the event of a change of visual)?
Gobos are very fragile. They should be handled with care and wearing gloves when changing.

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