Virtual floor light marking for Covid signage

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Author: Projecteur Logo Lumineux

Use light to create quick Covid signage and manage your directions of movement with our illuminated arrow projectors.

Compliance with health and safety instructions to fight against the spread of the Covid requires businesses, restaurants, shopping centers and establishments open to the public to mark out a direction of circulation.

The problem is that adhesive marking is relatively expensive and its effect becomes commonplace over time through practice.

We offer you an innovative solution that has proven itself: the marking and organization of your visitor flows via our illuminated arrow and pictogram projectors on the ground. A quick installation and impactful solution to remind you of the importance of respecting sanitary instructions.

A sustainable investment over time and scalable:

Used during the Covid to mark the direction of traffic on the ground or to remind people of health rules, this solution is durable and scalable.

You can keep this equipment to project other signs or advertisements later.

Ecological equipment:

Our projectors are equipped with LED technology for reduced energy consumption and the visuals are interchangeable to improve your communication later.