On this page you will find the answers to your frequent questions about the use of our bright gobo/logo projectors.
Please contact us if additional information is needed.

> Our gobo projectors:

How does a gobo projector work?

A gobo projector behaves like a slide projector in terms of its operation. The difference is that technology and light rendering have evolved.
So for a light gobo projection you need a specific projector equipped with a light LED bulb, a gobo door (technical glass slide laser engraved with your visual) and an optics allowing focus for a clean projection.

What is possible to project in a luminous way?
You can project any kind of visual. Whether it's a logo, a text, a pictogram like a bright arrow or even a four-eyed visual of an advertisement.

Do you burn gobos glasses?

We make the engraving of gobo glass from one to 4 colors (quad HD) based on your vector files. The glass gobos are made with technical glass (borosilicate) and an HD laser. The quality of engraving makes it possible to reproduce the finest details unlike metal gobo engraving. They are durable over time and the light rendering is maximum.

Are gobo visuals interchangeable?
It is quite possible to change visuals and gobos. You can order them easily and be delivered quickly. Your installation is thus scalable and a sustainable investment over time.

Can I project several visuals?

By default our projectors allow you to project a single visual. However, we have more advanced gobo projections that offer several possible visuals in projection with automatic change or on demand.

> The light projection:

On which surface is a light projection possible?
You can project on any surface whether it is a floor, a wall, a sidewalk, a façade, snow, water from a swimming pool or even grass anything is possible.

How far can I project a logo?
We have solutions for any distance. The choice of model will be based on your light environment and the desired projected visual. Whether for a distance of 2-3 meters as more than 20 meters we have suitable gobos projectors.

Does the color of the surface affect the quality of the projection?
The clearer the projection surface, the brighter your projection will be. The light is thus reflected while the dark surfaces "absorb" the light.

Are there restrictions on quality light projection?
A good appreciation of your light environment will guarantee a light and impactful projection. Thus the projection surfaces in direct sunlight will give an invisible or non-impactful result for customers.

Is the projection fixed or animated?
We have a wide range of gobo projectors allowing fixed, rotating or effectal light projections (movement in automatic or programmed space to follow a particular visitor path for example, color change, graphic effects, light effects like strobe, particular projection colors like UV, etc.).

Can I project outdoors?

We have a range of outdoor IP gobo projector with protection from moisture, snow or dust. Some of our products even have salt mist protection.

What are the possible uses of a gobo projector?
- projection of bright logo to attract the attention of passers-by in the street,
- projection of your logo in light in the living rooms to get noticed,
- projection of light information on the ground to welcome and guide your visitors,
- projection of texts or light information for light signage for example for museums,
- light advertising on the point of sale to sell more and highlight your products and promotions,
- projection of your logo on a façade or wall as a light sign,
- ephemeral light projection on buildings or streets for advertisers (street marketing and guerilla marketing),
- replacing your light sign with a greener and more energy-efficient solution,
- safety light signage for warehouses, factories and logistics sites.

> Quote, order, showroom and custom-made:

I want a quote, how do I do it?

Each project being different thank you in advance for contacting us by email. An advisor will quickly come back to you and ask for the following information to guide you to the right product. We will need to know:
- indoor or outdoor installation?
- projection distance between the projection surface and installation location of your gobo projector?
- the type of visual you want for your projection (logo, text, pictogram, poster, etc.)?
- fixed or animated projection?
- ground color?
- light flow to the lux ground where the projection will be carried out (information that you can easily have with a luxmeter or via your QSE or CSR manager)?
- and if possible a photo of the installation site.

Moving on site?

We are wholesalers and manufacturer of projectors. We know our products perfectly and have the necessary technical and commercial hindsight to advise you remotely. However, on request, our design office can offer advice and technical support on site on quotes.

Do you have a showroom or store?
We don't have a physical showroom open to the general public. However for professional clients and important projects we have a workshop and personalized presentation solutions in several countries.

Is a hardware loan possible?
We do not have any loan equipment available. We advise our customers in the case of a large-scale deployment (franchise, store grouping, sign, etc.) ordering a prototype to be able to do real tests with your desired visual.

Do you have a service for light professionals, architect or integrator?
We have a dedicated service to provide you with state-of-the-art services on a technical as well as a commercial level. We advise and accompany you throughout your projects.

> Installation / Location / Event Benefits:

Do you take care of the installation?
We do not carry out installations or intervene live on customers' power grids. Our products are easy to install and we provide remote support if necessary. We can also provide you with on-site technical support for your teams or electricians to provide assistance and training for the most complex products.

In the event of a major deployment and installation we can put you in touch with our network of partners.

Do you rent projectors?

Do you have a living room? an event? a product launch?
We can, under certain conditions, rent you equipment that is easy to use or with the support of a technician for large-scale services.

Event services:
Are you organising a trade show, a large-scale event, a conference or an exhibition?
Our partner networks are at your disposal to provide rental, installation and technical management services.