> Customer Service Contact / Quote / Payment / Order:

Customer service:
Our Customer Service is only available by email to provide you with quick processing of your requests and personalized follow-up. We prefer to charge low rates and ensure this type of customer relationships than to have a hotline that at a cost that would pass on to our prices.

Quote / Payment:
Our prices are listed on our website for products available for sale online. If you want to do simulations you can add your products to your cart and print it for a quote. We only accept payments to order by Visa/Mastercard or Transfer. We do not accept invoice or administrative mandate payments. For other products not available for sale online, please contact us in advance. An advisor contact you quickly to provide you with the information you need.

B2B sale only:
We only sell to companies with an intra-community VAT number. To place an order, you will need to fill in this number, which will be checked manually before the order is finally validated.

Do you sell to the individual?
We do not sell to individuals.

Declining and special prices:
You buy live with the manufacturer. As a result, our prices are calculated as accurately as they can. We always want to offer you the best value for money. We have possible discounts on volume and time.

> Delivery times:

Standard deadlines:
Delivery times are specified on product listings. On average with the engraving of a custom gobo if the product is in stock you will receive everything at home under D-7 worked.

Shipping costs:
Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of your order automatically in the ordering process.

Priority processing of your order, gobo engraving during the day and express shipping:
Depending on our availability and possibilities it is possible to deliver you by express. Please contact us before ordering if you need to be delivered urgently or for a specific date.

> Gobo Engraving:

File to provide: Vector format Illustrator (elements and vectored fonts) and extension .pdf.
For the gobo quad photo logo 20x20cm - 600 DPI. If we don't receive this image format your order will be pending until we have a quality file ready to print. The latter allows a quality laser engraving and therefore a clear projection.

I don't have this file format how to do it?
The easiest way is to ask the person who designed you the logo (graphic designer, printer, agency, etc.) to provide you with your logo in this professional format.

As an option from a quality image file we can convert your logo into vector.

Sending your logo: in the ordering process.

> Use of Products / Installation:

Our products are easy to use. They behave like classic lighting at the branch and installation level. When you receive your projector, the glass gobo is installed directly. The product is directly operational after connection.

Fixation: You can attach the projectors to the ceiling, wall or free pose.

Sector connection: Depending on the products you have either a connection on an electrical outlet (you can if necessary cut the cable to connect to a ceiling bound if needed) or a free cable to connect to the electrical grid via socket or boundier.