Engraving gobo glass with custom logo color background
  • Engraving gobo glass with custom logo color background
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Gobo White Glass - custom colour background

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Custom glass gobo engraving in white with coloured background of your choice

Logo vectoring
What background color do you want?

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10 €35.00 Up to €100.00
25 €30.00 Up to €375.00

Also available in the following configurations:

Advertising smartphone application by projection QR code light for download
Advertising smartphone application by projection QR code light for download
Starting from€321.00

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Custom glass gobo engraving in white with color background of your choice for our logo projectors exclusively.
Not compatible with other projectors of other brands.

Type of engraving: white engraving and round colored background.
Color of the projection: projection in white and background color to choose UNLESS white background selected the marking will then be in black.

Examples of achievements and background colors available:

Gravure gobo verre personnalisée en couleur

> Important information:

The glass gobo supports your logo, message and advertisement for your light gobo projector.
Laser engraved technical glass slide with your logo, message, panel, arrow, etc. in black and white for projection in white or color. You can choose this option on this product sheet at the bottom.

What file to provide us for quality engraving?
File to provide: vector file in .pdf format designed in vector software (with texts and vectorized elements).
Color of the file to provide: logo in white on a black background. If you have this type of file, change the LOGO VECTORIZATION option to no, you will have an instant discount.

If you do not have this kind of file or you do not know what it is, you must take a DTP option (selected by default) for the compliance of your files at the top of the product sheet in the LOGO VECTORIZATION drop-down menu. An additional period of 48 hours will be necessary for the processing by a graphic designer of your visual. You can then send us the logo you have in a .jpg, .png or .gif image format. 

Can I save an image in .PDF and send it to you?
Unfortunately not. If your logo has not been designed in DTP software to create vectors like Adobe Illustrator® for example it will not be possible to convert it like this. In order not to waste time we advise you to take the vectorization option if you do not have this logo in vector version.   Your order may be blocked and a supplement requested for the compliance of your file.

Are there brighter colors?
White and yellow are among the brightest colors. The colors red, dark blue, dark green, brown, etc. and in general all dark colors are 2 x less bright in rendering.
If the projection area is illuminated we recommend a white projection, in addition it is the most economical!
Also note that a projection on a light floor / wall will be brighter than on a dark surface.

Is it possible to project a logo with a gradient or effects?
Your logo will be in full color. It is not possible to reproduce effects (gradient, shadow, bevel, blending effects, etc.). If you want this kind of result you have to order a quadri gobo.

Can we project on all surfaces?
It is possible to project on any non-transparent surface. The clearer a surface is, the brighter the rendering will be.  Conversely, a dark surface "absorbs" light and will produce a less luminous rendering.

Can I change my visual afterwards?
Our bright logo projector allows the projection of only one logo/visual at a time. The glass gobo is changeable to evolve your communication.

Do you make a Proof to Shoot?
We don't make a shot voucher as standard. We will only contact you if there is a problem with a complex file or logo.

Installation of your glass gobo in the projector (very important):
If you order a projector and a gobo, the latter will already be installed in the projector.
If you order an additional visual, handle the glass gobo delicately. The glass is very fragile and the slightest scratch will let the light through. Gobos are very fragile. They should be handled with care and wearing soft gloves when changing. Always position the mirror side on the LED side (and therefore inside the projector).

> Sending your file:

The file is sent online in the order process during the various stages of validation of your order.

Production time : D+1 (if vector file provided), D+2/3 (if vectorization of the logo to be made)

 > Video:


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Gobo White Glass - custom colour background

Gobo White Glass - custom colour background

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