Outdoor logo projector LED 120 Watts IP65
  • Outdoor logo projector LED 120 Watts IP65
  • IP outdoor gobo projector
  • Projection of road signs on the ground for factory, industry and warehouse
  • Outdoor projector bright logo façade

IP65 120 Watts exterior logo projector

LED outdoor logo projector 120 Watts IP65

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Decoration light ice rink Christmas market
Decoration light ice rink Christmas market
Starting from€1,064.00

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Signage projector gobo IP65 LED 120 Watts

Ideal for outdoor logo projection or illuminated road signage.
Fixed or rotating projection thanks to the on/off button on the projector.
IP65 projector for outdoor event or industrial use.

> Possible uses:
- projection of interior / exterior luminous logo,
- luminous arrow projection to orient visitors,
- projection of safety panel on the ground,
- event projection,
- luminous monogram projection for wedding,
- equipment rental activity.

> Recommended projection distances:
- night: 20 meters,
- normal lighting (250 lux on the ground): 6 m,
- Intense lighting (500 lux on the ground): 4 m.

> Use: indoor/outdoor.

> Gobo projection:
Installation of the gobo: gobo already installed in the projector for immediate use,
Projection: fixed or rotary via on/off button.
Projection focus: manually adjustable for sharp projection.

> Installation:
Electrical connection: external IP transformer supplied.
Installation: wall, ceiling or free installation.
Angle projection orientation: manually adjustable.
Colour: anthracite black.

> Technical information gobo IP65 projectors:
LED power: 120 watts
LED brand: Cree without UV / IR
LED operating time: 30,000 hours
Protection class: IP65
Dimensions: 27x26x17cm
Weight: 4.50 kg.
Luminous flux: 12,000 lumens.
Angle: 17-20°.
Operating temperature: -20°C / +65°C.
Colour temperature: 7000 K.
Cooling: ventilation.

> Engraving logo / panel / gobo :
HD glass gobo engraving (laser engraved glass slide with your logo, message, panel, arrow, etc.) not included in the price to order in the GOBO ENGRAVING category of the menu.

> Delivery : average time with visual engraving: D + 7


Data sheet

LED Power
120 Watts
Inside / Outdoor IP65
Fixed / Rotary
Distance projection recommended night
Distance projection recommended normal lighting (300 lux)
Distance projection recommended strong lighting (500 lux)
Wall / Ceiling

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IP65 120 Watts exterior logo projector

IP65 120 Watts exterior logo projector

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