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Industrial signage projector gobo IP65 LED 50 Watts
IP65 LED 50 Watts gobo signage projector
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Gobo Stop Sign
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Projection of STOP light panel on the ground

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Projection of STOP light panel on the ground


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Projection of STOP light panel on the ground

Complete kit: 50 Watt LED spotlight + STOP sign for use and installation up to 4 meters high (depending on the lighting atmosphere of the area where you are going to make the projection).

Why use an illuminated STOP sign projector in your industry or warehouse?

  • replacement of painted floor markings,
  • innovative signage that attracts attention and makes an impression,
  • trolley flow control,
  • Automated access is prohibited,
  • "Traditionally unmarkable" floor markings such as damp, dusty floors, tiles, etc.

What are the advantages of a floor panel light projector in accident prevention?

A floor light panel projector can provide several benefits in preventing accidents in a factory. Some of these include:

1. Improved Visibility: Floor light panel projectors can project warnings, floor markings, or safety indications directly onto the factory floor. This allows for increased visibility, even in low-light conditions, helping workers identify risk areas, evacuation routes, or safe zones.

2. Dynamic Signage: These projectors can display real-time information, allowing messages to be quickly adapted according to changing factory conditions. For example, they can warn workers of an approaching forklift, a recently identified danger zone, or a machine undergoing maintenance.

3. Reduced Human Error: Floor light panel projectors can help minimize human error by providing clear and accurate indications, reducing the risk of confusion or misunderstanding of safety procedures.

4. Increased Awareness: By highlighting hazardous areas, evacuation routes, equipment in use, or maintenance areas, these floodlights can make workers aware of potential hazards and the importance of following safety procedures.

5. Collision Reduction: Illuminated panel lights can also be used to warn commercial vehicle drivers of the presence of pedestrians or other vehicles in their travel area, helping to reduce the risk of collisions.

6. Ease of updating: Projected messages and images can be easily edited, making them versatile and adaptable to different situations.

7. Regulatory Compliance: The use of floor light panel projectors can help businesses comply with safety regulations by providing clear and visible signage.

8. Reduced maintenance cost: Unlike traditional panels, floor light panel projectors require less maintenance, as they are not exposed to weather and daily wear and tear.

9. Ease of Installation: They are usually easy to install and move according to the needs of the factory.

In summary, floor light panel projectors can improve safety in a factory by increasing visibility, reducing human error, educating workers about potential hazards, and providing dynamic and adaptable signage. They can help create a safer working environment and reduce the number of accidents.

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Projection of STOP light panel on the ground

Projection of STOP light panel on the ground

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