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Spotlight light panel attention forklift
  • Spotlight light panel attention forklift
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Heavy-duty projector
Industrial signage projector gobo IP65 LED 50 Watts
IP65 LED 50 Watts gobo signage projector
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Visual light projection Gobo Attention Forklift
Gobo Attention Forklift
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Spotlight light panel attention forklift

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Spotlight light panel attention forklift


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Spotlight light panel attention forklift

An all-in-one kit: 50 Watt projector for intensive use in industrial and logistics environments + "Attention forklift" sign.
Easy and quick installation for immediate safety and avoid accidents between forklifts and pedestrians.

Recommended installation height:
2 to 4 meters depending on the light environment.

Illuminated safety signage, an innovative technology to prevent accidents between pedestrians and forklifts

The use of illuminated safety signage, such as the projection of a yellow illuminated sign on the ground with the inscription "Attention forklift", is an innovative and effective method to prevent accidents between pedestrians and forklifts in industrial and logistics environments.

The Advantages of Projecting a Floor Light Panel for Corporate Security

In industrial and logistics environments, the coexistence of pedestrians and forklifts is a constant challenge in terms of safety. One of the most innovative and effective ways to prevent accidents is the use of illuminated signage, including the projection of a yellow light sign on the ground with the warning "Beware forklift truck approaching". This article explores the significant benefits of this security solution.

Increased Visibility

The main advantage of illuminated floor projection signage is its exceptional visibility. Unlike traditional signs and markings, a light panel projected onto the floor is hard to ignore, even in congested or poorly lit areas. The bright yellow color attracts attention and effectively alerts pedestrians to the approach of a forklift, reducing the risk of collisions.

Adaptability to Working Conditions

Another major advantage of illuminated signage is its ability to adapt to different lighting conditions. Whether in high or low light conditions, the floor light panel remains clearly visible. This ensures constant safety throughout the day and in various work environments.

Reduction of Risk Areas

Pedestrian-forklift accidents often occur in high-risk areas, such as intersections, warehouse entry and exit points, and narrow passageways. Projecting a specific light panel in these areas can significantly reduce the risk of accidents by alerting users in the area in advance.

Installation Flexibility

Illuminated signage offers unprecedented installation flexibility. Unlike fixed panels, light projections can be moved and adjusted according to the specific needs of the workspace, allowing for complete customization of safety signage.

Improving Safety Culture

The implementation of innovative technologies such as illuminated floor signage helps to strengthen the safety culture within a company. It demonstrates a commitment to employee protection and encourages increased awareness of potential hazards.


Although the initial installation of a illuminated signage system may be an investment, the cost is justified by the significant reduction in workplace accidents and incidents. The cost savings associated with work stoppages, property damage, and potential compensation make this solution extremely cost-effective in the long run.

The projection of a light panel on the ground with the warning "Beware of approaching forklift" is a cutting-edge safety solution for industrial and logistics environments. Its increased visibility, flexibility, and positive impact on safety culture make it a preferred option for companies concerned with minimizing the risk of pedestrian-forklift accidents. By incorporating this technology into their security strategy, companies can not only protect their workforce but also optimize their operations by reducing disruptions due to incidents.

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Spotlight light panel attention forklift

Spotlight light panel attention forklift

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