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Economical Luminous Logo Projector

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Cost-effective illuminated logo projector with custom engraving included

Projector version

Also available in the following configurations:

Bright decoration restaurant by projection
Bright decoration restaurant by projection
Starting from€366.00

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Value for money

Sell and communicate with light!
Check out our bright logo projectors to get noticed and increase your sales.

> 2 Versions available for direct purchase manufacturer:

Projection logo intérieur Indoor use Projection logo extérieur Outdoor use

An all-inclusive price with engraving of your logo at the best price:

The engraving of your logo is included in our price. The logo will be projected elegantly in white without background for maximum visual impact in fixed or rotary (on/off button). It is the most economical and bright solution (on estimate we can project your logo in color).
Once your order is placed we will contact you to send your logo.

A bright 50 Watt LED projector:

Technical specifications:
Light output: 50 Watts LED - 3500 lumens - 6500 K,
Recommended projection distances: 1-3 meters indoors, 3-10 meters outdoors at night,
Dimensions of the projection on the ground: make x 0.3 in relation to the projection distance (at 5 meters, the projection will have an area of diameter 1.5 meters).

Dimensions: 25x9x29 cm, 1.6 kg,
Electrical connection: two-pole socket provided (indoor model), stripped cord (outdoor version),
Fixing: wall, ceiling or free installation on high furniture for example,
Operating temperature: -20°C / +65°C,
Humidity protection rating: IP20 (indoor), IP65 (outdoor),

Warranty: 2 years for conventional commercial use. Not scheduled to operate on 24/7. But for commercial use lit up to 8 hours a day.

Delivery time: D + 7 (customization + delivery time). No customs fees, we are in Europe!


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Economical Luminous Logo Projector

Economical Luminous Logo Projector

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