LED recessed ceiling logo projector

LED recessed ceiling logo projector

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LED recessed ceiling logo projector

A projector for a discreet installation in the ceiling. Ideal for standard light environments and installation at a height of up to 2.5 meters for a good light rendering.

Some examples of uses of our gobo projector embedded in the ceiling:

- projection of hotel room number,
- visual indication projection on the ground for fitting room
(free or busy),

- projection of a luminous arrow to the ground,
- projection of light signage on the ground
(toilet direction, parking, etc.),

- projection of bright logo on the ground,
- bright signage on fragile ground
(parquet, carpet, marble, etc.).

Technical information:

Use: inside,
Installation: ceiling,
LED power: LED Cree 20 Watts without UV / IR,
Clearly: 1600 lumens,
Projection: fixed,
Focus: manual,
Recommended use height: 250cm,
LED lifespan: 30,000 hours,
Use temperature: -20 to 65 degrees,
Dimensions: diam. 9.5 cm x 19 cm (height),
Ceiling-cutting diameter: 7.7 cm,
Power supply: external transformer provided.


Data sheet

LED Power
20 Watts
Inside IP20
Distance projection recommended night
Distance projection recommended normal lighting (300 lux)
No fan, heat sink
Wall / Ceiling

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LED recessed ceiling logo projector

LED recessed ceiling logo projector

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