Gobo projector/logo single-phase electrified rail attachment
  • Gobo projector/logo single-phase electrified rail attachment
  • Projector gobo fixing ceiling rail three ignitions for store and museum

Logo projector fixing electrified rail

LED bright logo projector with single-phase electrified rail fastener



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LED illuminated logo spotlight with single-phase electrified rail mounting.

A logo, image and illuminated signage projector ideal for shops, museums and corporate receptions.

This LED technology projector allows a projection of your logo, instagram account, illuminated arrow on the ground or any other illuminated signage you need!

Very easy to install and integrate into your commercial architecture, it has been designed for ease of installation and scalable projection.

This luminous logo projector fixed on a single-phase electrified rail will allow you to project your light communication wherever you want in your point of sale. This new advertising technology offers you many applications.

Examples of uses for this electrified rail logo projector:

> projection of a luminous arrow or indication on the ground,
> projection of your logo, Instagram account or any other social network,
> projection of a flash code to order on a dematerialized menu or download an app,
> projection of prices or brands for shopping centers,
> projection of promotions for sales,
> and much more!

Scalable communication:

You can change visuals very simply. Simply order an engraving of a gobo with us and you can replace yourself without technical knowledge a new visual.
Your gobo projector with single-phase electrified rail mount is a sustainable, scalable and remarkable investment with your customers.

Responsible and ecological:

This gobo projector with LED technology consumes very little energy and participates in the eco-responsible and sustainable development approach of your company for its communication.

Technical information:

Use: interior,
LED power available: LED Cree 50 Watts without UV / IR rays (35 Watts available)
LED lifespan: 30,000 hours,
Luminous flux: 4000 lumens (50 Watts)
Fixing: single-phase rail (three-phase (3 ignitions) on request),
Power supply: 140-265 V - 50/60 Hz
Colour: black,
Number of visuals: 1,
Focus: manual,
Operating temperature: -20 / +65°C,
Dimensions: 22x19cm.

Warranty: 2 years for conventional commercial use. Not scheduled to operate on 24/7. But for commercial use lit up to 8 hours a day.

Delivery time: 2 weeks.


Data sheet

LED Power
50 Watts
Inside IP20
Retail / Store
Distance projection recommended night
Distance projection recommended normal lighting (300 lux)
Distance projection recommended strong lighting (500 lux)
No fan, heat sink
Electrified rail

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Logo projector fixing electrified rail

Logo projector fixing electrified rail

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