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Illuminated Logo Floor Projector
  • Illuminated Logo Floor Projector
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Spotlight fixed logo LED 50 Watts indoor
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Gobo engraving
Engraving gobo glass with custom logo color background
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Illuminated Logo Floor Projector

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Illuminated Logo Floor Projector


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Illuminated Logo Floor Projector

Complete kit: 50 Watt fixed logo projector for indoor + one-color visual engraving (according to your file).

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Improve Your Visibility and Make Your Brand Shine!

If you're looking for an effective way to grab the attention of your potential customers and boost your company's visibility, a light-up logo projector is a must-invest.

Why Choose a Bright Logo Projector?

1. Maximum Visibility:

A light-up logo projector projects your logo, slogan, or company message onto visible outdoor surfaces, instantly grabbing the attention of passersby, customers, and prospects.

2. Memorability:

Create a lasting impact with the light projection of your logo. Bright images are memorable and will leave a positive impression in the minds of your customers.

3. Distinguishing Mark:

A bright logo projector sets your business apart from the competition. It's a one-stop solution to make your brand identity stand out.

4. Easy Installation:

Installation is quick and easy. You can choose the ideal location to maximize the visual impact.

How does a light-up logo projector work?

A light-up logo projector works on a fairly simple but effective principle for displaying images, logos, or text on surfaces like walls, floors, or ceilings. Here's a general explanation of how it works:

LED Light Source:

At the heart of a logo projector is a powerful light source. This can be a halogen lamp, a discharge lamp, or more commonly these days, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to produce intense light.


A key element of the logo projector is the "gobo", which is a metal or glass plate or disc on which the desired logo or image is engraved or printed. When light passes through this gobo, the image is projected onto the desired surface. Glass gobos allow for more intricate details and can include colors.


The projector also includes an optical system consisting of lenses. These lenses can be adjusted to change the size and focus of the projected image, allowing the logo to be clearly visible and sharp at different distances.


All of this is contained in a housing, which protects the internal components and allows the projector to be directed towards the surface on which the logo is to be projected. The enclosure may also include cooling systems to prevent overheating of the light source and optical elements.

In a nutshell, a bright logo projector projects a specific image through an intense light source that passes through a gobo, with an optical system that adjusts the sharpness and size of the projected image. They are often used for branding, signage, or special event applications to set the mood or draw attention to a particular logo or message.

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Illuminated Logo Floor Projector

Illuminated Logo Floor Projector

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