Illuminated pedestrian crossing projector
  • Illuminated pedestrian crossing projector
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Bright pedestrian crossing projector

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Bright pedestrian projector on the ground


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Bright pedestrian crossing projector on the ground

Secure your pedestrian crossings and avoid accidents with forklifts via the projection of a virtual light pedestrian crossing on the ground.

An innovative, impactful and spirit-great technology!

Our technology allows light signage on the ground and danger zone warning in a fast, economical and mind-eding way.

Examples of applications:

Reducing forklift accidents in logistics, warehouses and storage locations:
- Projection of a dynamic light pedestrian crossing that lights up only when the crossing is secure for pedestrians.

Sustainable solution to replace ground marking:
- Replace painted or adhesive floor marking with innovative, durable and economical technology for use.

Crossroads at high risk of accident:
- Solution to secure your intersections where the risk of an accident is high.

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Bright pedestrian crossing projector

Bright pedestrian crossing projector

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