Projection logo light floor home office
  • Projection logo light floor home office
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Bright logo projector floor, wall for shop, shop, shopping mall, bar, restaurant
Spotlight rotating logo light LED 50 Watts indoor
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€276.00  (Tax Excl.)
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Custom gobo engraving included
Engraving gobo glass with custom logo color background
Gobo White Glass - custom colour background
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€45.00  (Tax Excl.)
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Logo vectoring
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Projection logo light floor home office

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Projection logo light floor home office


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Projection logo light floor home office

Welcome your customers in a bright way with your logo projected on the ground! This elegant communication will strengthen your brand image and mark the spirits by offering a differential UX visitors / customers. is a European company specialized in the supply of gobo projectors and glass gobo engraving. We are based in Europe and by ordering on our site you buy direct factory with a fast delivery time.

This kit consists of a gobo projector (fixed or rotating projection) for indoor and for a classic lighting environment. The recommended projection distance is 3 meters indoors. This product is intended for commercial use and ignition during working hours. It is not intended to stay on 24/7 (we have products planned for intensive use if necessary).

An all-inclusive kit: 50 Watts LED gobo projector + engraving of your logo / visual in white on glass gobo with colored background.

Functionality of the 50 Watt LED gobo projector:

  • fixed or rotating logo projection (on/off button),
  • manual focus,
  • adjustment of the orientation of the headlamp on both axes,
  • 2-pole electrical outlet to the French standard for quick installation,
  • Possible change of the glass gobo to evolve your communication.

Or install this gobo projector?

This projector can be fixed to the wall, ceiling or in free standing on a piece of furniture (shelf for example). The projection of your bright logo is recommended on the floor or a wall. It is possible to project on any non-transparent surface.

Some of our customers even install this LED gobo projector inside their offices/businesses for projection on the sidewalk through the window.

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Projection logo light floor home office

Projection logo light floor home office

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